The Self Closing Flood Doors: a preview of the world’s longest buoyant flood barrier

At the end of September the Self Closing Flood Doors (SCFD) were installed and tested at the museum. These are a preview of the world’s longest buoyant flood barrier that will soon be installed at the port.

scfd-museum-spakenburg-bouw-aggeres-2The museum has a long lasted problem with water. The ‘vishangen’ is a part of the museum and probably stands on the lowest point in Spakenburg. During heavy rainfall the water flows inside. The water then threatens to destroy museum pieces. Employees have to fish up these museum pieces or bring them to safety at least three times a year. These Self Closing Flood Doors (SCFD) can be used as demonstration models to show interested people how they work.

A model of the flood barrier was revealed in the museum. There is also a relevant exhibition about flood protection. During this exhibition there is a special attention for the scfd-museum-spakenburg-deur-aggeres-3Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) that is being build in the centre of Spakenburg. With more that 300 meters, this Flood Barrier will be the longest buoyant flood barrier in the world.