Property level protection

Autonomous flip-up flood barrier

This autonomous flood barrier is activated solely by the pressure of the upcoming flood water.  Once the floating barrier is activated, specially designed springs will take over and close the barrier, protecting the passage against floodwater.

Autonomous flip-up flood barrier


The Porta is an extremely lightweight, made to measure flood barrier. This clever flood panel is easy to install; in less than 2 minutes it can be placed in front of doors, windows and larger apertures. This flood defence is pré-installed with nearly invisible guiding rails in order not to change the buildings’ architecture.

With its removable poles the Porta can protect large openings to nearly any length.


Porta Porta

Muro – Modular Flood Barrier

The Muro consists of hollow, reinforced aluminium body sections, and is placed within two U-shaped mounting profiles to protect door and gate openings. The barrier sections are fit with special, easy compressible, seals. This flood barrier has already been used worldwide and has proven its effectiveness.

Muro – Modular Flood Barrier Muro – Modular Flood Barrier

SCFD – Self Closing Flood Door

The Self Closing Flood Door range has in common the principle of harnessing the power of weather to activate the flood defence barrier to provide an innovative and cost effective solution, serving and protecting strategic urban and commercial areas.

The Self Closing Flood Door has been developed to protect doors, double doors and small gates against floods.

SCFD – Self Closing Flood Door SCFD – Self Closing Flood Door

Pneumatically controlled flood barrier

The automatic flood barrier is suitable for a wide range of situations. A seal, mounted horizontally within the flood barrier system, is actuated by the push of a button or triggered automatically by an optical water sensor. Pneumatic cylinders push the seal up, against vertical sealing posts, ensuring a leak tight seal. The system is recommended to keep underground garages, entrances, infrastructure, … dry in times of floods.

Pneumatically controlled flood barrier