Case studies

Meppel, Netherlands

Customer: Astellas Pharma Europe
Period: 1998 - 2004

Project Detail

The company, Astellas Pharma Europe (previously Yamanouchi) produces expensive pharmaceutical medicines and in 1998 this area was hit by very heavy rainfall which caused extensive flooding in the immediate vicinity of this factory.

At board level, a decision was taken to investigate the feasibility of either moving the whole factory and relocating it to higher ground, or building a flood wall around the factory to protect it.


An inexpensive concrete dyke wall was built around the factory leaving a major access point into the factory. Following the successful installation of the first barrier, the second phase of the project created a new access point to the factory and was similarly protected. The company has seen continued expansion and with the further development of the site, they again opted to protect their vital assets with a third barrier which was planned as part of the development. The installation of this barrier and the final completion of the project took place within just one day, with all surrounding pavements and access points finished. Phase1: 1998: 1 barrier 6 m wide x 1 m high Phase2: 2000: 1 barrier 6 m wide x 1 m high Phase3: 2004: 1 barrier 11 m wide x 1 m high